Legal Support

Safe Shelter's legal program provides emergency information and assistance for victims engaged with the justice system through assistance with protection orders, criminal justice and fair housing advocacy, advocacy within the child protection system and law enforcement, other legal services, and referrals to legal representation. Through its Expanded Legal Services Program, Safe Shelter maintains a registry of close to 20 attorneys who agree to work with survivors when cases exceed the capacity of Safe Shelter’s in-house services. The program provides negotiated funds to cover attorney costs for those current clients who cannot afford and/or do not qualify for traditional Legal Aid. Common legal cases involve complex housing, safety, financial, child protection, and post decree modification. Weekly Legal Clinics provide current clients with attorney consultation for 30-60 minutes per client. The days of the week and times vary in order to accommodate differing client schedules.

Safety is important. If you or someone you know needs help because of an abusive relationship, call us anytime at 303-772-4422.