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White Ribbon Campaign

We are challenging males of all ages to join our White Ribbon Campaign

About The White Ribbon Campaign
White Ribbon Campaign (WRC) is the world’s largest movement of men and boys working to end violence against women and girls, promote gender equity, healthy relationships and a new vision of masculinity.

The campaign’s vision is for a masculinity that embodies the best qualities of being human. We believe that men are part of the solution and part of a future that is safe and equitable for all people.

How it Began
The WRC concept was conceived by a group of pro-feminist men in London, Ontario in November 1991 as a response to the École Polytechnique massacre of female students by Marc Lépine in 1989. The campaign was intended to raise awareness about the prevalence of male violence against women, with the ribbon symbolizing "the idea of men giving up their arms."

What You Can Do
Help promote gender equity, healthy relationships, positive ideals of masculinity, and help end gender-based violence by speaking out against it.

BELIEVE. This issue is real. Believe survivors’ experiences. Your support will make a difference. Tell them ‘it’s not your fault’. No one asks for or deserves to be sexually assaulted or harassed.
BE AN UPSTANDER. Don’t walk on by if you witness harassment or an assault on the street or anywhere: assess the risk, then intervene and confront or defuse the situation. If you need to, ask for help. Call 911.
OFFER SUPPORT. Ask if you can help people who have experienced violence and connect them to support services. Become familiar with Safe Shelter’s services and refer survivors of domestic abuse to our phone line or facility. 303.772.0432
IT STARTS WITH YOU. Lead by example. Question your own attitudes and behaviors and how they may disrespect or harm women. Sexist language and street harassment all contribute to a culture of violence.
IT STAYS WITH HIM. Be a role model. Talk to your family, friends and co-workers about the roles they can play in ending violence against women. Challenge men and young men in your life to make a difference!

How to Get Involved
The WRC is male-led direct action. The campaign works through people spreading the word about ending violence against women and girls at a local level. You can become part of Safe Shelter’s WRC right now by contacting or calling our office at 303-772-0432. Join a growing group of local male allies, contribute your ideas and recruit more members.

This handout will help you get started.

Take the WRC pledge.