Summertime Gift Cards Needed!

Throughout the year, Safe Shelter is in need of gift cards to help our clients with emergency transportation needs and to provide bright spots in the midst of difficult times.

Now it’s summertime and our client’s kids are home from school all day. Survivor parents are often overwhelmed, and seldom have money to do something fun. We have fun programs, but being able to get out and do something special definitely helps boost morale.

It’s our privilege to work with these clients and to provide solace in the midst of so much instability.

These families can use tangible tokens of kindness and understanding. Gift cards that enable parents to get children a fun meal, or providing families with an enjoyable activity are an easy way to give some respite. Craft store gift cards can allow parents to buy supplies to keep children busy for a few hours. We ask you to join with us in giving these families who are going through such difficulties a little bit of sunshine.

Please choose an option below to provide a gift card for these needs.

  • Contribute $10, $25, $50 or more to our gift card fund here
  • Drop gift cards off at Safe Shelter Outreach Office (surprise us with something fun you thought of!)