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Our emergency shelter is located at an undisclosed site. We do not discriminate because of  cultural, ethnic, economic, language or disability factors. We welcome anyone who identifies as male, female and gender non-conforming who is fleeing imminent danger from interpartner violence and elder abuse.  The welcoming environment provides 24/7 shelter coverage for non-offending parents and their children in an ADA-compliant facility, which houses up to 31 adults and children nightly. An average stay is generally two to six weeks. During that time, residents are offered a client-centered program, including crisis intervention, safety planning, counseling, case management, legal advocacy, and community referrals to support basic needs, healing, and progress toward economic and personal goals. We also assist residents in qualifying for numerous community transitional housing programs. The Extended Shelter Stay Program offers a stay of six months to one year for the rare cases where obstacles prevent survivor from obtaining employment, identity papers, legal resolution and/or affordable housing within a 6-week time-frame.

Safety is important. If you or someone you know needs help because of an abusive relationship, call us anytime at 303-772-4422.